Time to blow off the dust and get this party started

Naturally, I should be doing something else. But the rabbit hole that is the Internet led me back to my blog and made me want to put something on it so you know I’m still around and still coming up with blog posts that get put off while I do client work. Not anymore! Today it’s all about ME ME ME!

If you’re wondering what got me back to WordPress (well, my own blog as opposed to the WP sites I work on for others), it was a piece about how Automattic (WP’s parent) hires people remotely.

I run a remote business; if you do, too, you should read it: “Inside Automattic’s remote hiring process.” Made me want to go work for the company, except about the only thing I know how to do with HTML is embed links like that one just above it. So, go click it so I know my hard work ain’t been in vain (to quote Lina Lamont).