Dear Chris Brogan: It’s Time to Break Up (But I’ll Still Stalk You on Twitter)

No, I’ve never met this marketing/social media/thought leader/smart guy, but I’ve learned a lot from him about all aspects of digital marketing. So, he was one of the first people I added to a Google+ circle once I was allowed to sneak under the velvet rope.

And then it began. Chris Brogan’s first post in my new news stream. Then, replies to the post – first 10, then 20, then 50, all showing up in my news stream. Then another post. More replies. Then I commented. Then I started getting email notices every time someone replied. After 30 emails in my Gmail account, it was time to shut off that email notice in Google+ settings.

I know I can segment what I see in my stream by circles. And it isn’t Chris himself that’s making me spend a lot more time trudging through the stream but all the replies.  Steve Rubel is excited about the global nature of the conversations his posts inspire … but honestly, I’ve got my work cut out for me just keeping up with him, with Chris and all the other smart people who are helping me find a path through the Google+ thicket.

So, Chris, my good virtual friend and inspiration, I’m pulling you out of the circle unless I can figure out a way to increase the signal and reduce the noise … but even though we’re breaking up on Google+, I’ll keep you on my Twitter list, where I can keep up with you, and only you.

One Comment on “Dear Chris Brogan: It’s Time to Break Up (But I’ll Still Stalk You on Twitter)”

  1. Chris Brogan... says:

    Well that makes perfect sense. : ) I have all the other social media types, the Robert Scobles, the Chris Pirillos, the Guy Kawasakis all in their own circle called “Neighbors,” as in “Noisy Neighbors.” They’re all interesting and share a LOT like I do. So, to give the rest of my stream a chance to breathe, I put them there and check in every few hours. Make sense? : ) And I think what you’ve done is smart.