What is “Content by Janet Roberts?”

That’s my business. I mean, literally, it’s my business! The business that launched with a single copy-edited column in 2004 and grew over the years to cover thought-leadership pieces, ebooks, circulars, print pieces, white papers, newsletters and much more.

My unofficial theme is “Let Me Write That for You.” Sometimes I create a project from the ground up; other times, I take what you have already produced and run with it. What do you need?

Most of what I write goes out under someone else’s name, and it’s proprietary, which means I can’t show it to you. But you can find examples of my work and writing over at marketing guru Larry Chase’s website, Web Digest For Marketers. And, I might be able to talk a client or two into sharing something that’s been released into the wild.

Let’s create something wonderful!

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