Dear Chris Brogan: It’s Time to Break Up (But I’ll Still Stalk You on Twitter)

No, I’ve never met this marketing/social media/thought leader/smart guy, but I’ve learned a lot from him about all aspects of digital marketing. So, he was one of the first people I added to a Google+ circle once I was allowed to sneak under the velvet rope.

And then it began. Chris Brogan’s first post in my new news stream. Then, replies to the post – first 10, then 20, then 50, all showing up in my news stream. Then another post. More replies. Then I commented. Then I started getting email notices every time someone replied. After 30 emails in my Gmail account, it was time to shut off that email notice in Google+ settings.

I know I can segment what I see in my stream by circles. And it isn’t Chris himself that’s making me spend a lot more time trudging through the stream but all the replies.  Steve Rubel is excited about the global nature of the conversations his posts inspire … but honestly, I’ve got my work cut out for me just keeping up with him, with Chris and all the other smart people who are helping me find a path through the Google+ thicket.

So, Chris, my good virtual friend and inspiration, I’m pulling you out of the circle unless I can figure out a way to increase the signal and reduce the noise … but even though we’re breaking up on Google+, I’ll keep you on my Twitter list, where I can keep up with you, and only you.

How to Move Your Facebook Photos to Picasa & Google+


A tip from ReadWriteWeb for people who are migrating to Google+ from Facebook or want to have a backup home online. Note: You have to use Google Chrome to make this work because you have to use a special Picasa app.

Google+ Tips & Tricks Start Flowing


The earliest of the early adopters are now reporting back from the frontier with advice and tips. Here’s a great list to get started. If you want an invite to Google+, just send me your email address.